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Reclaim Counseling & Wellness

Thank you for visiting our site.  Our goal is to make your experience of connecting with the right therapist as easy as possible.  We specialize in therapy for individuals, children & couples.


Reclaim Counseling and Wellness has three physical locations, serving the communities of Charlotte, Wilmington and Burlington, NC.  In addition, we have grown our Telehealth offering to accommodate anyone in NC.


Does your child show signs of anxiety, depression, or other behavioral concerns? We provide a comprehensive assessment for children and work closely with parents and schools to ensure your child is successful academically and socially.


We support teens/adolescents to improve their overall functioning at home, school, and with peer/social environment. We work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing solution-focused therapy. 


Whether you are navigating the adjustments of college life, a young professional, help in your relationship, a working mom or a new parent; Reclaim Counseling and Wellness is here to help support you in the process of meeting your life goals.

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Our specialized team will connect you with one of our therapist who best fits you.

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"Working with Julia has saved our marriage. We didn't think it could be saved after my affair, but our relationship is the best it has ever been."

Therapist Julia Tabor


"Amanda identified when my daughter was struggling with anxiety and on the spectrum when others had her diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. This was a game changer."

Therapist Amanda Miller

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“Jordan has been an invaluable resource for our daughter in helping her to overcome her anxiety and flourish.”

Therapist Jordan Mitchener

Mental Health and Wellness Articles

"Reclaim Counseling and Wellness of Wilmington has such a peaceful and calming environment."


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