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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Are you feeling disconnected from your spouse? Do you find yourself feeling dissatisfied in your relationship, or feel like your relationship is broken? Have you experience infidelity or loss and wonder if you can ever trust your partner again? When a couple feels discord in their relationship, it can create stress in every area of their life. They often don’t know how to “fix it” and can often feel “stuck” in patterns of miscommunication, and negativity. 

You are NOT alone.  See below for some statistics regarding relationships and the benefits of counseling.

Our therapist at Reclaim Counseling & Wellness can offer hope and healing in your relationships. We believe that we were created for relationships and understand how difficult it can be when a couple begins to feel disconnected.  Couples counseling can be a great way to open the lines of communication and improve your relationship with your partner. Reclaim Counselors are here to help you build a marriage that brings you joy and peace. Reclaim Counselors are here to help you build satisfying relationships and heal past hurts that stand in the way of having the relationship you deserve.

Image by Allef Vinicius

Early figures suggest that the divorce rate for 2021 was 45%.



75% of couples believe they were "better off" after counseling.  Of those surveyed, 65% saw "significant" improvement.

50% of couples surveyed were still going strong two years after going through couples counseling.


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