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Choosing To Live With Intention in 2020

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

It’s almost 2020, can you believe it. As we roll into a new year and new decade, I am thinking like many others about a New Year’s Resolution.

  The media is flooding us with images and messages related to weight loss culture and often unrealistic body images. What if this year we focus on resolutions that impact our life in more meaningful and lasting ways? What if we choose resolutions that add real value to our life, our relationships, and allows us grow spiritually that improves our emotional and mental health.  

What if we choose mindfulness and gratitude, instead of starting a new year with resolutions that bombard us with feelings of shame and unworthiness.  What if we focus on being more intentional in our thoughts, behaviors, relationships, in our work and how we spend our time, money and energy?

Resolutions of mindfulness and gratitude allows us to step back from a distracted mindset of busyness and allows us to be fully present in every area of our life. It helps us to live out our purpose. It allows us to be truly plugged into all the little moments that can be missed when our focus is misdirected.

Being mindful means being present, attending to, being aware in the moment and intentional. What if instead of restricting food, and mindless eating, we choose to eat dinner as a family or with friends or simply turn off distractions while we eat.  What if we savor our food and choose to be grateful for it instead of anxiously avoiding it. What if we choose physical activities that we enjoy that helps us feel connected and rejuvenated. What if we choose to be more present as a spouse, parent or friend. What if we spend  more quiet time with our self, with God, in prayer?

Choosing mindfulness means living with more intention. It means living the life you were created to live. The Bible reminds us to “to walk wisely Eph 5:5. We can become so overwhelmed with daily demands and worries that we miss out on what Christ has called us to do, we miss everyday blessings and become distracted from the things that really matter to us. We get weighed down by things that don’t last that often keep us stuck anxious and stressed.

So this year I challenge you to choose resolutions that add real value to your life. That focus on your values. Choose to live with more intentions for 2020 to be present in every area of your life, put down your phone, step away from social media, spend time doing what you love and with those you love. 

Our therapist here at Reclaim Counseling and Wellness are here to help you Reclaim your life in 2020.  We wish you a year of many blessing and moments that turn into amazing memories


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