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Tips on Managing Loneliness during Social Isolation

Connection with others is such a natural part of the human experience. We need the ability to socialize, physically engage, and to simply spend time in the presence of others. 

What do we do when that ability is hindered? What do we do in a situation where we are not able to engage in a way that fully meets those needs? Loneliness is a feeling that everybody experiences at one time or another. You are not alone in feeling this way, especially in times of instability and unpredictability. 

It’s important to remember what’s within your sphere of control, and in times like these it can feel that there are so many things outside of your control. What are some ways to combat loneliness and feelings of isolation? 

1. Utilize technology. Technology can be a convenient thing and there are so many options that allow the ability to video chat. Take 30 minutes out of your day every day to call somebody that you care about, and engage with them. This won’t replace physical connection, but it will help to fulfill your emotional needs. 

2. Get outside in a way that maintains social distancing. This can mean walking around in your backyard, gardening, sitting on your porch, etc. Just make sure to get fresh air every single day. It’s also a great change in environment, and nature can be very soothing. 

3. Maintain a routine. This does not have to be a rigid routine, but make sure you are at least meeting your basic hygiene needs and eating properly. Maintaining routine and structure allows for consistency and a sense of normalcy and purpose.

We know that these are trying times. We are all united in this experience, and you are not alone in your feelings. If you would like to further explore those feelings, the counselors at Reclaim Counseling and Wellness are now offering Telehealth. This is a wonderful option to meet over video, and to be able to process your feelings and establish a toolbox of coping skills. Reach out for a free consultation today.


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