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Why Couples Counseling?

If you’re considering couples counseling, we applaud you! We also acknowledge that the prospect may seem a bit daunting. You may have heard about the experiences of others, or may have seen a dramatization in movies and television, and you’re rightfully nervous! We are here to reassure you that the process can be supportive and healing. 

So, what are some benefits you can expect of from couples counseling?

1. Sacred Space - joining your partner in therapy is a commitment to creating a sacred space, both physically and emotionally. You are both showing up and creating an environment to heal and work toward a stronger relationship.

2. Neutrality – the issues that bring you into couples counseling can be complex and emotionally charged. One of the true values of couples counseling is inviting a third person to listen and provide reflection and clarity in a neutral and non-judgmental way. This experience is so different than confiding in a friend or loved one because it is natural for them to have a bias in their love for you. It may also be hard to share intimate feelings or concerns with a loved one that you may interact with in gatherings. A therapist's role is professional and confidential; they do not discuss your sessions with anyone else and they play no other role in your life.

3. Acknowledging each partner’s part – One of the outcomes of working with a neutral party is that they will provide each partner with some guidance about beliefs or actions  that may not be serving the relationship. The intention of providing this feedback is to improve the relationship as a whole. Both partners can expect to have an opportunity to turn to the other and acknowledge their part in the situation, which is courageous and can be healing in its own right. Both partners can work together to problem-solve and come to a renewed understanding. As with any other undertaking, what you put into counseling is what you will get out of it!

4. Expertise – Your counselor will have completed extensive training and have experience working with couples of various backgrounds, beliefs, faiths, and needs. They will have the skills, patience, confidentiality, and warmth to be able to help you explore your presenting concerns in an emotionally safe way. 

Just like working with any other practitioner like a primary care physician or trainer, finding the right fit is key. Be sure to research therapists in your area and evaluate their approach to make sure it matches your relationship needs! We would be honored to help you build satisfying relationships and heal past hurts that stand in the way of having the relationship you deserve. Please feel free to learn more about us on our website and call us if you're ready to take that next step! 


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