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Building Resilience for the School Year: How Summer Therapy Prepares Kids for Challenges Ahead

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Summer is a time for relaxation, fun, and family. But it’s also an excellent opportunity for children to build resilience and prepare for the upcoming school year. By starting therapy during the summer, kids can equip themselves with coping skills and emotional tools that will help them face challenges with confidence.

The Freedom of Summer

During the summer, children are free from the daily pressures of school. This freedom allows them to explore their emotions and thoughts without the stress of homework and exams. In therapy, kids can take the time to understand their feelings and learn how to manage them effectively.

Building Emotional Skills

In therapy, children can develop emotional skills such as empathy, emotional regulation, and communication. These skills are crucial for building relationships and navigating social situations. By learning these skills during the summer, children can enter the school year ready to connect with their peers and teachers.

Developing Coping Strategies

School can be stressful, and without the right coping strategies, children can become overwhelmed. Therapy can help kids develop coping strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, and other challenges. These strategies can include deep breathing, mindfulness, and positive self-talk.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

A child’s self-esteem and confidence can significantly impact their academic performance and social life. Through therapy, children can build self-esteem and gain confidence in their abilities. This confidence can help them tackle new challenges and take on leadership roles in school.

Preparing for Transitions

For many kids, the new school year means a transition – whether it’s moving to a new grade or a new school. Therapy can help children prepare for these transitions by addressing fears and anxieties and helping them develop a positive outlook.


Summer is the perfect time for your child to build resilience and prepare for the challenges of the upcoming school year. At Reclaim Counseling & Wellness, we are dedicated to helping children develop the emotional skills and coping strategies they need to thrive. Don’t wait – give your child the gift of resilience. Contact us today to schedule a summer therapy session.


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