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The Year of Clarity

Thank you to this past year for the blessings and lessons that we gained. Thank you to the people that we loved, and those that loved us. Thank you to friends who stood by us and mentors who guided us. Thank you to our homes for sheltering us and our clothes for keeping us warm. Thank you to those who helped us learn about ourselves.  Thank you to our challenges for making us strong.

May 2020 be a year of clarity. May we continue to see the magnificent world around us with clear eyes and open hearts. May we trust our intuition, and continue to seek truth. May we offer unconditional love and be gentle in our words and criticism. May we be free from fear, worry, or pain. May we work and rest in healthy measure. May our bodies feel strong and our homes be warm. May we help those in need and may we voice our need for help to our community when needed. May we be thankful for our blessings and the lessons that we will gain throughout the year.

May you Reclaim Clarity in 2020.


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